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Take your business global with Shop & Ship with 0 operational cost.

Why do consumers use us?

  • Last Mile challenges eliminated
  • Economical shipping rates 
  • Customs clearance managed by Aramex
  • Reliable tracking and handling, via the website and mobile apps
  • Eases buying from online retailers that don’t ship internationally 
  • How is this an opportunity for you? 

Key challenges for online merchants to sell international: 

  • Costly
  • Resource-intensive
  • Marketing

We have created a solution that eliminates these challenges for online retailers

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API's we provide

The API will is built for the automated checkout. It will deduct all the necessary customers details, saving the customer from entering the delivery information at checkout.

the API verifies the customer,  100% reducing the risk of fraud.

Captures the customer details to create a full Shop & Ship account.

Creates a Shop & Ship package directly using the customer email after the verification step.

Aramex Location Services API
With Aramex Location APIs you can benefit from:

  • Getting the standard list of all countries and cities
  • Full details about each country
  • Validation of country, city, post/zip code and state
  • Suggesting cities based on post/zip code for countries that requires post/zip codes
  • List of all Aramex offices with their details

Partner with us
Partner with us today and take your business global in no time. Partners, also enjoy the below benefits:

  • Instant available delivery from your business to 83+ destinations
  • Co-marketing to database of 700,000+ online consumers
  • Optional free-listing on the Shop & Ship directory and Community

What’s more, the integration also eliminates human errors, thus raising the service level of deliveries and thus improving shipment processing time.

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